29 Apr 2014

Raspberry Ripples Crochet...

Behind my front door my little fingers spent March busily crocheting away in a blurry fury to finish off the pink stripe blanket!
{now known to me as the Raspberry Ripple}

And finish it in time for the birthday I did!!

It is once again just so much nicer than I had hoped...

I was still busy on the morning of the birthday, adding the finishing touches of pom pom trim to the sides.
I didn't follow a pattern in the end for the pom poms just used my brain

(and surprisingly it all came out very nicely in the end).

What else, what else?
That has been it for March, most, no all my time was spent with the pink blanket which grew and grew!

I must, must, must finish the Christmas blanket though, once that is upon the lap of its recipient then I can concentrate on other little follies!

18 Apr 2014

Up-cycled Bird Cage...

A while ago, well last year, I had an idea after a bit of buyers regret.  
I had spotted at the boot sale a really cute very old bird cage.  It was small but curvy and reminded me of the little old fashioned caravans {that I dream of owning}

Anyway at the time as much as I liked it I had already filled both my arms with booty and in the heat couldn't be bothered to struggle back to the car with it.
Hence the buyers regret...snooze you lose

Roll onto to a wet day earlier this year and I found a bit of a beauty...

The idea I had brewing was split in 2.

A shelf for my girls room, which would mean cutting the front of it off and inserting a shelf


to fill it with potted plants as I have a set of steps for the garden which it would look lovely hanging off

Now if it was to go into the girls room it would need to be white so...

but it wasn't rocking it for the girls and I put plan B into action...

Paint it bright pink to either go in the garden or list it for sale...

I have to say I think Plan B is the better one

and it sits nicely with the hand-made Cath Kidston Budgie fabric lampshade...

16 Apr 2014

Mothers Day 2014...

I am  a lucky girl...

This year Mothers Day was dry and sunny,
I made a most delicious roast dinner with the best bit of beef I've eaten in years {thanks farmer Giles!}

I was gifted pretty flowers...

But I was also gifted a day off, a real genuine day off!!
Not on Mothers Day, that was spent with various little and big ones and a trip to see my very own mum x

No my day off was...

The Cath Kidston store in a local town was hosting a Lampshade Making workshop and I booked myself in!

It was good fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing, I chose my fabric online the night before...

Cath Kidston Big Budgies

and soon got to work...

perched {do you get it?} just inside the shop by the door

it was a fun couple of hours and I had a legit reason to be lingering in a very cute little shop!

The end result?  
Well turned out way better than I had hoped

soon to be listed for sale


Ties in nicely with another little March project which I'll show and tell next time!