31 Oct 2014

The Candy Floss Suitcae...

I admit this could become an addiction/obsession,
...that said when you can make cush pretty things
who cares!!

This isn't mine, my sister is the lucky owner

Before the event it was a standard not very pretty vintage suitcase

Halfway through it was named...

The Candy Floss Suitcase

almost finished

and just awaiting the final touches
something to cover the nasty mark on top of the suitcase
What to do?
Decisions, decisions!

Ta-Da moment to follow...


24 Oct 2014

Progress on the blanket...

I like to name my makes, call me quirky but it makes them more a part of the family.

So far, touch wood, this blanket is moving along nicely the pile of squares is growing at a surprising pace...

but it has no name and that simply wont do.

It is taking up my spare moments.
I don't like to crochet outside the house, I've tried it a couple of times and people seem to assume I know what I'm doing...which in all honesty I don't feel I do.  
That or I feel they think I'm simply showing off...which I'm definitely NOT

Back to the blanket.
I am this time weaving the ends in as I go, I make 20 or so squares and weave those ends in.  I'm hoping it will make the final making up process more enjoyable.  
It makes the actual square making a tiny tad slower but it's also nice to take a break from the nifty crochet of making them!

Each square is measuring 4" x 4" so to make it a nice BIG comfy size I'm thinking I'll need between 180/200 in total..
90 down...90 to go!

19 Oct 2014

Sunshine Suitcase...

What seems like a long time ago I made the
Suitcase of Wonders

A thing of beauty: a vintage suitcase covered in gorgeous Amy Butler fabric.


Alas and is so often the way I found my brood and I in need of pennies more than we needed a suitcase of wonder...and off to market it went.

It left a pretty suitcase hole in my crafty little life.
Don't get me wrong I have a few old suitcases but non that were as wondersome the the suitcase of wonder!

So one sunny afternoon this summer I found myself at home with an old case and a couple of cans canary yellow paint!
Well one thing led to another and before I had time to think it through I had a bright and chirpy yellow suitcase...
black blob is on the camera lense :( }

but still I wasn't happy.
I know hard to please right!?

What it needed was that little extra zing
and how else but Pip Studios papers.

{OK I could have used something else but all I had were Pip Studio samples}

And here it is in all its sunny glory, not a suitcase of wonder but a suitcase full of the sunshine it was created in!

 It makes my little heart sing and a sneaky smile peeks out whenever I catch a glimpse of it.

8 Oct 2014

Hello my luvvy's...

Oh how my nieces blanket has been a labour of 

My first and nearly almost my last granny sqaure blanket...all those ends to sew in!!

150 squares each with 4 colours...

But it has all been worth the effort

for the finished blanket is hopefully going to be well loved and much used by my niece L's.

It has been a project on the go for almost a year, despite several pokes I struggled to get the mojo to keep on after I put what I had together December 13 and realised it wasn't as big as I wanted it to be.


So more wool was ordered and when I found out that L's was off to UNI then it was the push I needed!!

So I finished it just in time for her to take with her on her BIG adventure to UNI.
Big enough to snuggle under on the sofa and just right to lay over a single size bed!

But what's that I hear you say?
*has she gone mad there's no photo?*
No you're tight I didn't get a photo of it finished!
I know, I know, I totally suck at before and after photos...
I wish I didn't but I do so lets not say too much more about it and move on...

Onwards and upwards then
I have been busy.

Baskets have been sprayed, furniture painted, a cloth doll or two has been made and I have started another blanket!

Slowly I need to work my way through my requests list for blankets, with 6 kiddos it may take some time though.

The new blanket is for my #3 Lolly.
Colour choice is hers

 to tie in with the colours in her room
the Ercol chair

standard lamp/shade

 pretty shelf

Inspiration for the squares from an amazing new to me blog 
Color and Cream

This time I will learn to sew the ends in as I go!

I think it may just be my new blog crush...