1 Oct 2015

Dottie Frock, Part Two...

So I went down a size and Im much happier!

I left the pockets as per the pattern and think I prefer them there

The neck is a LOT less gapey and feels much comfier for it

The back feels good
(wish my hips looked a little less elephant like)

I shortened the strap in half with the intention of putting them on the sides of both front and back but didn't add anything of the back half for this.
Ive no idea how to do that so Im going to give it a go using the next size up back pattern piece.
I know im confusing you aren't I?  Might all be clear one day!

I did lower the tucks quite a bit, I put the dress on then marked out from there and Im happy with where they are.  If I had left them as per the pattern they would have been pulling across my boobs for sure.

Im still doing something wrong with the arms though.  In all honesty I did really rush this one as I had limited time, but they just dont feel right.
I know its me not the pattern, Im just not reading it right or translating what Im reading into what Im doing.

That was the last of the vintage sheet so I'll have to have a root around to find something for the next tester. 
Now I have the size and tuck heights Im a lot happier.

Wish I had the knowledge to make the changes I want just the once but practice should make perfect
(or at least wearable)