3 Jul 2016

I want it now...

The whole, instant gratification that this modern life gives makes me a bit "I want 'it' now"
It can be anything, from the weather forecast to a 17sq mtr deck!
I'd like to have my wish fulfilled NOW!

I had little faith but even less money when I bought my 2 tiny lavender plants. I wanted a big hit of a lavender bush and I wanted it NOW.
Thankfully I was on a budget and bought the 2 tiny plants.  
They have grown so much since I planted them in the tatty old basket.
I LOVE how when I walk up and down the steps I have to brush against them and how that let's their beautiful scent loose.

I am really not THAT impatient, I just have a picture in my mind or an idea and I can't wait to turn into a reality.

They say you've got to break a few eggs to make the omelette and it seems that my entire garden needs to get trashed before the decking can be laid.

More materials arrived this week, the decking boards being the most exciting.
Who knew I'd get excited about planks of wood eh?
It's been a challenge to get the underside of the boards painted in between rotten wet weather and a shitty cold.

The old fencing that's staying is getting a blast with the pressure washer, courtesy of one of my older kiddos.  This one never did like playing with dolls...

Time is slipping by though. 
The fencing contractors will be here in 11 days (not that I'm counting) and the shed HAS to come down before they get here and the decking really needs to be finished before I can do that as there's just simply not enough room for anything else.

As I said I just want it done NOW!

Again very little crafting occurring but a tiny amount of DIY.