25 Feb 2014

Wandering into March....

All things considered January was a busy month,  could have done more but on the other hand I could have done a LOT less!!

I rolled into February, dreading the cold that might go hand in hand with February but appreciating that Spring is nearing on the horizon.

I was lucky enough to work again at the Artisan Florist and witnessed the terrible effects of the flooding and gave myself a 'your such a lucky girl' talking to.

Valentines kept the florists busy, very busy...spare a thought next time your order your gorgeous flowers for the talented peeps that make those wonderful floral bouquets...there's a LOT of thorns to trim!

We don't do Valentines here really, this year I put a little floral display in our mini milk bottles 

and popped them on my daughter Lolly's dresser...a simple bunch of paperwhites & hyacinths with a bit of eucalyptus for greenery.
Smelt heavenly
{wish I had the sense to take a photo!}

I finished the paper flower wreath, trimmed with the odd pom pom or two and hung it in the lounge

I played more than a I should have with washi tape

and eventually realised that the next MK Handmade and Vintage Fair is fast approaching so got busy with Priddy Priddy stock and displays

There is possibly nothing nicer to bring a smile to my chubby little cheeks than washi tape and pom poms!!

Cheap daffs from the shops, vintage chockie box and a pretty polka dot jug, all in all a happy little corner of my home.

See you in March or at the MK Handmade and Vintage Fair!