28 Sep 2015

Dottie Frock, Part One...

There is a frock doing the rounds of the tinternet, a band wagon if you will.
The marvelous Dottie Angel frock has most definately arrived.
I've had my pattern several weeks now but have only just been brave enough to face it and find space/time to tackle it.

It is one of those dresses which you just simply wish/hope will work for you.  It looks super comfy, casual & slightly crafty.

So straight in with the nitty gritty.

I am not a seamstress.
I am a regular Joe who owns a sewing machine, has made kids clothes and home accesories in the past and even a dress or two for myself but I haven't cut a pattern and followed instructions for 3/4 years.

Going against the grain for me I've been really sensible and made a muslin before hacking into any really pretty or expensive fabric.

I had a vintage bed sheet and it is perfect for this.
I think it shows just how much I want this to work for me, to get it right not just 'ok'

All photos are before it was hemmed, ironed or any tweeks made, literally straight off the sewing machine.

I made it in the largest size but it is too big.  

The neck is REALLY gapey and hangs lopsided on my shoulders.

I have re sewn this and it has helped, I just stitched closer to the edge on the inside to kind of hold it down as it was also rolling. 
A good press looks to have helped as well.

I struggled with the arms a bit, the pattern, to me, wasn't too clear and I didn't use bias binding as the instructions gave.  
They too feel slightly gapey BUT I quite like the extra room and I think in the smaller size this will rectify itself.

The tucks gave me a bit of a time, no idea why.  Whilst not a regular sewer I can sew but I'm not a big pattern fan but now I've done them once it's just bloody obvious what I need to do.
Next time they will be neater!

You can see below that the neck is big, the ties a tad too high but the arms are ok.

I moved the pockets down as I like them lower but I do feel that they now sit just below my belly and just draw attention to it, so I will leave them alone on the next tester.

I left the side ties in the postition given but think I may try them an inch or two down to sit a bit further below my boobs.
{I've seen others online do this who have bigger busts and it seems to sit more nicely}

The rear view shows how big it is, the neckline is nice but as the dress is too big it's not sitting straight.

I did do French Seams on the side and I quite like them, I don't have a serger so it does contain all the loose threads etc and keep it looking tidy.
I did not use any bias binding either on the arms or the neck.

So onto Part Two
a smaller size
move side ties down 1 or 2 inches
leave pockets alone
still not use bias binding
neaten front tucks
probably shorten ties as they are big enough to go around twice which I will never do!

I love the dress, even as wrong as it is!
It will probably never see life outside the house but it will get worn.  Truth be told I would probably wear it out if it wasn't pink/flowery...anyone who knows me will know that pastels are really not my thing!

I am determind to make it work for me as it is the comfy, slouchy style that I have come to love.

I hope this is of some help to someone!
It is a record for me as Im not known for keeping notes on things.