6 Jan 2015

Another Epic Crochet 'Not Quite Right' moment...

Will I ever learn?

Not looking likely at this moment in time!

The 'Girly' blanket was coming along very nicely...all the squares where made, then put into cutesy 4x4 squares, which were then put into lovely rows...which in turn were put together {a bit slowly} and it was shaping up to be a super cosy blanket.
All set and ready for Christmas delivery.

But then I had a moment of clarity.
I had been making it an extra long blanket to fit my middle daughter, Lolly, who is almost 6' tall.
But what I hadn't really considered {well not even given a thought about} was that it was shaping up to be a very long thin blanket...not what I had envisaged or wanted.

So after a chat to Lolly we have decided to make it a double bed size, perfect for long legs to curl up with on the sofa!
Another 144 squares are needed to make this a blanket I will be happy to hand over.
68 are done and I am just waiting for Mr Postman to deliver the wool so I can complete the rest.  

Another blanket that has missed it's self imposed deadline.

Have I learnt my lesson?
Nope of course not!

A big bag of colourful yarn is sat waiting for an Easter blanket, for my youngest daughter Loopy.
Am I planning this one?  Well yes in a manner of speaking...
I plan to whack the stitches on the hook till it looks the right size, get hooking and just wing it!

edit to add
wool arrived and my hooky fingers are going bonkers!!
Show n Tell soon