22 Jan 2014

This week I will mostly be

 ...making blankets,

Hooky fun

This one is new on the hook...

for my eldest Abba

Stylecraft Value yarn from The Wool Warehouse
I ordered 12 balls but as usual it's turning out bigger than I initially planned in my head and I don't think it can be done in 12...but we'll see

I'm hoping I've still got the fabric on the tin stashed away somewhere, I think  it would make a few nice cushion covers for her?

The other blanket I'm working on is the one for my niece, L's,

it was meant to be a Crimbo present but it simply wasn't big enough...

She might have been happy with a lap blanket but I wanted it big enough for her to snuggle under when she goes away to uni.

And that's it, this is what I have been up to and what I will be up to this weekend!

**Happy Weekending**

19 Jan 2014

Happy Post...

Don't you just love it when Mr Posty knocks on your door with a parcel or two?

I do...especially when he knocks on more than one day!!

My pattern for Loopy's dress has arrived, quick delivery from France...

But let me show you the envelope it came in...

pretty cool right?
Made from a recycled map of Germany.

But that wasn't all...
Another really quick delivery, this time cotton yarn...

I'm looking to make a few make up/toner pads and possibly a wash cloth or two depending on how much yarn the pads eat up.

Then joy of joy extra, super fast delivery from The Wool Warehouse {literally free overnight delivery!} to finish off one of the blankets that I have on the go and also another that may just have slipped its way onto my hook.

*insert Happy Dance*

Oh what a week, Mollies Makes, Yarn deliveries, sewing plans coming to fruition and pom pom making...


Oh and I may have baked cakes as well...

I may also have eaten one before the kiddos came home...

*Fat Cat Sigh*

11 Jan 2014

Sewing Plans for Loopy...

A tidy up of my middle daughters wardrobe and, I realised she has now outgrown everything I have made for her.


She has a certain style that suits her well

No action photo's but we made a few of these and they were worn well.  And thanks to the lovely Amy Butler fabric she had a lot of compliments.

The pattern I have/had runs to a size 7/8yrs and although she is only just 8 she is already 148cm tall.

Zip forward to blog-surfing and this dress with a link to buy the pattern popped out to me.  
I like the little panel at the top.

It is perfect for the lovely Loopy.

There I've said it out loud so I really have to do it, watch this space...

10 Jan 2014

My 'How to Make Tissue Paper Flowers'...

I don't feel qualified to call this a proper grown up girls 'Tute' but for what it's worth this is how I made my tissue paper flowers.

Materials List:
*Tissue Paper
{I used 16gsm sheets and each flower used 8 sheets}
*Wool, wire or similar to attach finished flowers
*Sharp scissors

Cut 8 sheets of tissue paper into rectangles

Fold into concertina, I made each fold approx 2cm 

Fold in half to fin centre

Tie wool and knot in place in the middle

Using your sharp scissors either round or pointy the ends

Now you can start to unfold the paper

Stick with it as it may look a bit of a mess to start with, I do one half at a time

Et Voila...

Fiddle around to hide seams/gaps

And attach to whatever you've got lined up for them!

Using sheets of 15cm x 25cm {approx} made the middle sized flowers on the wreath.  
The more sheets of tissue the more 'blousie' the flower.

I think this will make a fun activity for kiddos aged 7/8 yrs+.  I couldn't see my 5yr old having the patience to unfold the sheets carefully.

I'm also quite sure that with pipe cleaners they could make a lovely Mothers Day bunch of flowers?  Will have to give that one a try... 

8 Jan 2014

Tissue Paper Flowers and the such...

There are of course a thousand and one things I should be doing, but,
 the things I should be doing are no were near as much fun as the things I am doing!

I have been in the past quite happy to knock 'basket dipping' as a 'craft' and will admit to not enjoying 'Kirstie's' last series all that much {it's not all FREE!}


all is forgiven and almost forgotten, for she has shown me the light...

well maybe not quite that much of a revelation but she has certainly shone a light on paper flowers...

So, so simple!  Quick, easy and with instant results!  Perfect for a Crafty Tart such as myself.

I've sprayed an old Christmas wreath white and am attaching the flowers using wool...

...it is my 'practice' wreath and flowers.  

I have literally no idea where or even if I'll hang it once it's done. 
It will in probably come apart in favour of more Springlike or even Valentine colours.

The past couple of years I've been using various Graffiti spray paints.  
I have to say I like them.  
They're designed to be quick drying and hard-wearing.  
You can buy them in all the colours of the rainbow and once you get to know your local supplier you'll more likely get a bit of a deal...I buy 3 x 400ml cans for £10.  

And I mustn't forget to mention 
just how much fun using a 'Pom Pom maker' looks!!

I KNOW cardboard has worked well enough for umpteen years but these just look so easy!

I hang my crafty head in shame and admit that I have a couple of Clover Pom Pom makers ordered and am just simply awaiting delivery before I let the wooly goodness take a hold of my life.


And did I mention that I've bookmarked a couple of tutes for making 'honeycomb balls'?...no??...ok wont mention that today...

Tart of all Crafts!
'I could do that...'

6 Jan 2014

WIP or Simply Unfinished?...

Tell me what do you see?

When you spot unfinished 'things' loitering around.

Are they works in progress?  

How do you class your works in progress?  If it carries over into a new year does it still count as a WIP?  Can WIP last for years!?


Are they unfinished projects, unfinished business?  
Do you shut them away from your eyes or do you brazen it out ignoring their half naked state?

When does the time come to cut your losses?

Does there come a time to admit defeat?

I have two blankets on the go from last year.  One was is a Crimbo gift the other a house warming gift...BOTH are way overdue.
Both will be gratefully/happily received and I'm sure loved. 

Both will be completed because I have promised them to be so. 

I am just curious as to how others see those inevitable piles of yarn or fabric 
{or whatever your crafting weakness may be}


5 Jan 2014

Moving Day...

My name is Nicky and I am a Tart of Craft

There I've said it out loud.

I see a new craft...

I like it...

 I'm of the mindset 'I could do that'...

and whoosh I'm off again on a new crafty adventure!

So I'm still unpacking the bloggy boxes, finding the places where I want things.
Decisions, decisions.
*Hello if you're my new bloggy neighbour*

I don't promise to offer inspiration, you may just see my re-hash of whats doing the rounds in blogland.  

But I don't care!  

If I like the look of it, I'm gonna give it a go!!

Those ever fateful words 
'I could do that'