25 Jun 2016

And so finally it's beginning.
The Base for the deck has been started and it is going be be amaze balls!!

The weather has been wet, wet, wet.
It's slowed the man that can down a bit but he has done the hard digging.

The rain has been good for the plants though. 
Everything is almost running away with itself. 
The 2 tiny lavenders I planted in the pink wicker basket are almost bursting out.  Id been worried that they wouldn't grow but I think next spring they'll need to go into the ground.

The old bucket I popped a few tiny plugs in is also fit to burst....its just lush

And the sweet peas that went into an old coal scuttle are still just gorgeous.  Next year I'll have faith and not over plant them as I did this year. I didn't realise they would bush out as much.

Between work and rain we've not spent a huge amount of time in the garden, but given the state of it that's not a bad thing.

Decking arrives next week and I'm hoping it's dry enough that I can give it a couple of coats of wood stain after work in the evenings, before it gets laid, followed by one final coat once it's done. 

There's been so little crafting done in these parts.
Work is all time consuming, it's taking time to get a groove we can all jam to.  

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